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High quality and bespoke report/dashboard development specific to your requirements. Custom themes, drill-throughs, row-level-security, tooltips, bookmarks, AI.... we know all the ways to make your report stand out and make a difference

See some of our examples here



End to End process analysis, design and development.  Transform your manual/offline/excel based reporting, into a fully-operational Power BI Solution.  Look at ways to better optimise your data and processes to support Power BI

See some examples of the solutions and technologies we have worked with here

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If you've already started with Power BI, whether it's one report, a full suite or company rollout, we have a number of audit services, that we can offer to ensure you are getting the most out of Power BI.

  • Report Audit (covers performance optimization, best-practice and DAX / M-Query review)

  • Security Audit (covers reporting framework, governance, user-security and workspace management)

  • Full Power BI Audit (all aspects of your Power BI implementation)

Example audits coming soon

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We offer a consultancy service that supports you or your business with any Power BI related topic.  Covering areas such as Data Governance, user security, licensing, workspace/app management,3rd- party integration and anything else.....

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Bespoke visual development for Power BI.  At times, the out-of-the box visuals don't quite provide what you are looking for so having a custom visual can really make your report stand out.  We develop our visuals predominantly using the d3.js library

See some examples of our custom visuals here

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Development of Power BI Embedded solutions for app-owns-data scenarios.  Built using the JavaScript SDK & Power BI admin APIs.

Backend: node.js, php

Database: mySQL, Azure, MongoDB

Frontend:  react js, pure js

Demos coming soon.

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